Is that a fucking laugh or a wheeze?

They should really screen these people before letting them on camera.



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OMG – Must Buy!

Pac Man Hat!

I’d make a clever “you’ll never get laid” type of joke – but I want one of these.

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Tits Ahoy ( . Y . )

Tits Ahoy

These magical Japanese cookies claim they can enlarge your bust.

I would wait for a penis edition to come out but I think 20 inches is good, no?

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Kelly – NSFW


My hands suddenly feel so dry and dull. I really need lotion…

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Virginity Hero 2

Guitar made out of Legos

A completely functional Guitar Hero controller constructed out of Legos.

Who is a virgin? YOU ARE!

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Breakin’ w/ Carlton Banks!

Don’t know what’s better Carltons break dance video or Vin Diesels.

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Cymbal Man Strikes!

 I need to do this to someone before I die! 


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